You Are What You Think

I would like to share with you my perspective of life designed to free us from being a VICTIM and empower us to enjoy a life of “LIVING THE LOVE THAT YOU ARE.”

An old expression I have heard many times is “You are what you think, not what you think you are.” We have experiences in life and we tell ourselves a story about that experience. Our own story, which goes on in our closed minds, begins to grow from each experience. We decide if the experience was good or bad. But I get ahead of myself. I feel I might need to give you some background to encourage you to feel the freedom of choosing the story you want to live.

 I’m a Spiritual Educator and Mentor                

What I have done most of my life has been to study, experience, explore the world of our true spiritual nature. I’ve explored the psychic world, life after death, and life before death, I have had out of body experiences, I’ve questioned why we are here, I’ve investigated quantum physics and fractals. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology and have followed the advancement of alternative healing methods. You name it; I’ve investigated, experienced and drawn my own conclusions from my personal experiences.

I know each person must come to their own conclusions about what this game of life is all about. My passion is to share with others what I have found works in hopes that they will find their own answers from those sharing’s. I don’t know all the answers; I only know my own answers.

I get the greatest fulfillment when I see that something I have said or written sparks that ‘light bulb’ moment of realization in another. The have connected the dots of their own experience. There is a sigh of relief, a release of tension, a new spark of light in their eyes and in their energy field. I love that. That is how I have grown through the answers I have found for myself through authors I have read, speakers I’ve heard, experiences I’ve had and the feeling of “that is truth for me”.

The role of a spiritual educator or mentor is simply to be a catalyst. Being intuitive or what I call clairsentient or clear feeling, I have a feeling awareness of where someone is coming from. I can tell if they are tense, if they are questioning themselves, if they are afraid or worried. All the various ‘negative’ emotions we experience are a signal we have lost the connection of our Spirit with the Higher Consciousness we call God, Spirit, Allah, Yahweh, or whatever you prefer.

My research and experiences have taught me that we are in reality pure spirit, pure love, divine beings come to earth or here on earth having a physical experience. It is not the other way around. We are not physical beings having an occasional spiritual experience. The opposite is the truth; Spirit first, physical second.

“Joy keeps you strong and provides you access to creative wisdom.”                    Doreen Virtue                                                

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