The Brain Rock

I learned a long time ago that the key to success was to have a “balance of thought and feeling.” Yeah, what does that mean? A thought for every feeling and a feeling for every thought was another way this was stated. That’s a good idea in theory but how do you do that in practice.

This is especially difficult to do if you have been brought up in a society where it’s not okay to feel your feelings. You might be a man who was taught boys don’t cry, take it like a man, be brave, and keep a stiff upper lip.

You may be a woman who was always told she was too sensitive. Being reprimanded for being to emotional causes the shut down and the stuffing in of those natural emotions we need for our survival.

The brain is revered and the feelings are put to the side and stuffed.

I have been looking into the healing of emotions and the transfer of emotions into their positive quality for the past few years. Brain research, the success of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) being used for people with PTSD have held my attention as I explore more deeply the concepts of having a “thought for every feeling and a feeling for every thought”.

Today I woke up thinking about a labyrinth at Unity Santa Fe. It is called a Relationship Labyrinth because it has two paths running side by side, laid out in a wave and a ending in a spiral. The left path is the feeling (heart) or feminine path and the right path is the thought (intellect) or masculine path. I helped build this labyrinth and I had found a rock that looked like a brain, it was a big piece of bleached corral I believe. The center had the brain and a heart shaped rock next to each other. Very symbolic, I loved it.

I decided to go walk that labyrinth today and there was no brain rock to be found. The center had a big heart shaped rock but no symbol of the brain. I was upset; this threw me into my intellect. How could someone have run off with the brain rock!

I found this to be most interesting because it was unusual for me to even think of going to walk that labyrinth. I was working on getting out of a stuck mental pattern today. The symbolism of the missing brain seemed to emphasize the need to have the balance of heart and head. Both are important and require that I use the unique qualities of each in their most positive way. I found a rock that looked sort of brain like and put it next to the heart rock.

Through the weeks to come I will be sharing more about what I have found about this wonderful balance we can have to stay in harmony with life and use our emotions as a guide to our deeper heart’s power.

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