Soul Mentoring Sessions

Soul Mentoring is a process of guiding you to your own answers. Through gentle questioning and intuitive insights I will introduce powerful techniques and concepts, which will help to free your thinking and show you how to tap your inner wisdom.


Self Empowerment Study Groups

These groups are made up of like minded individuals who would like to learn from one another and experience interactive techniques to improve their inner and outer communication skills.


Weekend Retreats

Immerse yourself in a relaxing, energy clearing weekend retreat. Each retreat focuses on the needs of the participants to become the Master of their destiny. (Retreats are scheduled periodically, please contact Kristine for more information.)


What we will work on together.

  • Mentoring you to bring your authentic, inspired Soul self into its fullest expression.
  • Assisting you to understand and trust your Divine Inner Guidance.
  • Nurturing your Higher Self-Expression and the particular intuitive or spiritual avenues you receive information through.
  • Assisting you to recognize and free the limitations you have been experiencing.
  • Encouraging your intentions for growth and expansion in all areas of life.
  • Creating space for balance in the four major areas of your life; Spiritual Life, Health, Family and Friends, and Service in the World.
  • Guiding your Spiritual Energy expression through physical activities into richer spiritual and creative practices in all areas of your life.

Visit Kristine's YouTube Channel

You will find several selections of past presentations in which Kristine has shared her experiences and stories. Links coming soon.


Next Steps...

TO SCHEDULE AN INTRODUCTORY SOUL MENTORING SESSION to learn more and see if we are a perfect fit for working together please Phone 505-303-0477 on send a message through the Contacts Page.